Where can we have a quiet one in Melbourne city?
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What are some cool, low-key alley-way bars in Melbourne city?
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For the lazy robot robot may be a good one. It's low key and in an alley.

For more, have a look a Mcity Melbourne for more suggestions.
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The Croft Institute
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Some more (Word doc)
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I second ROBOT! Go buy yourself that stack of cards that you'll find in newsagencies et cetera; I think it's called "Bar Secrets". The two mentioned, plus many others that are cool, are included in this deck.

And I will have to recommend Phoenix; it's cozy and the owner is a great guy.
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PS If you want to go a bit farther out of the city, I SERIOUSLY recommend checking out the Butterfly Bar, cnr Clarendon St & Bank st (South Melbourne). I used to live right near it; it is such a charming, loopy little place. The upstairs bar is very nearly always empty, and filled with armchairs, bookcases full of dusty old books, board games, kitsch trinkets, etc. It's technically some kind of place for theatre? But you never notice that. I went through a stage of going there every night it was open, to study and have a few cocktails. It's like your grandma's house, you can just lay down on the floor and read a book, and no one minds. It's a great place for chilling out and it incites the strangest conversations. It puts you in a certain mood.
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