Looking for Online Database of Nutritional Information
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Is there a sort of IMDB for nutritional information?

I'm trying to watch my intake of certain things, counting carbs and calories, staying away from hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup, like a good lad. To do this, I'd like to be able to record what I eat, then go over the nutritional information for a day's victuals, and say, "this or that needs to be reduced, I could have gone without such and such, oh look, this is chock full of what-have-you," and so I'd like a searchable database of information that has this sort of thing in it. Seems like it should exist already, as it would be a great tool for dieters. I can't find anything like it, though. Help?
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fitday has some of what you want. It lets you enter your food, and will tell you how much of everything you have eaten. I think it'll do a breakdown on a particular food too. The hard part is guesstimating how much of something you have eatehn - life's too short to weigh everything.
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CalorieKing has a pretty good food database, including all sorts of restaurant and fast food offerings. I use it in conjunction with fitday.
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The USDA has a quite comprehensive searchable database
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Response by poster: Thanks guys
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Response by poster: For posterity, in case anybody finds this thread in a search, someone without a Metafilter account contacted me to tell me that Nutritiondata.com is another good resource.
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