Help me rock the crib again...
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Help me track down the track listing for an album from my childhood: Hits for Kids, Vol. 1 and 2.

In order to bring joy to my sister's otherwise reasonably grown up music collection, I'm recreating some of the cassette albums from our childhood on CD for her for Christmas.

This album was bought for us on an epic family shopping trip to John Lewis in Milton Keynes, sometime in the early - mid-eighties. At some point we lost volume 2, and in more recent years volume 1 has gone walkabout. The cover was yellow, and there was a slightly scary picture of a crying(?) girl in clown make up on the cover. Some tracks I remember being on it are Hello Sam, Goodbye Samantha by Cliff Richard, Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder, Hang on Snoopy by the McCoys. There might also have been an above average number of Rolf Harris tracks on there as well (Two little boys, Jake the peg, etc)

But now I think about it, there are so many Rolf Harris songs kicking around my subconscious we might have had a whole album of his.

Sorry, but childhood me didn't think to remember useful information like record label....
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Not quite exactly what you're looking for, but Hits for Kids, Vol 3 and Hits for Kids, Vol 7 appear to be a foreign import item.
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