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Does this blog still exist? Something like "Smaller Hand"? Google fails me...

I have fond memories of reading a blog (or journal as it was known then) around 2001. It was a father's photo blog of his son growing up, from birth. I think it was called something like "My smaller hand", or something similar. Definately had the word hand in there.

I'd like to see if it still exists, and whether he's still updating.

Your help appreciated.
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You're thinking of biggerhand. Mike's not blogging about Henry there anymore (though he does blog in a few other places) but he is collecting an impressive set of Henry's drawings as tattoos.
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Awesome, thanks.

I'm sad he's not blogging about Henry anymore. I really enjoyed watching Henry grow up for a while.
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Hey girlgeeknz,
I'm really touched that you remember Henry's Diary. (It still exists in an archived form.)

Henry's 9 now, and doing really well. He visits the diary himself once in a while and asks me about hi younger self, since he has no memory of the earlier stuff.

At some point he'll probably start his own blog, and continue telling his story in his own voice.
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