Suicidal videos?
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Can anybody point me to a video of someone talking about his/her suicidal intentions?

A friend needs this for a presentation on crisis intervention (her crisis of choice is suicide). Any help would be great! Thanks Mefites!
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Marshall Applewhite
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There's a recent Australian film that might be of interest to your friend, called 2:37. (IMDB)
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Here's a video of Budd Dwyer speaking very briefly about it. (nsfw)
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Video of Silverchair's "Suicidal Dreams."
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While considered highly morbid and possibly too singular for your purpose, there's "The Video Diary of Ricardo Lopez" -- if you can find the thing. This guy quits his job as an exterminator, chronicles his descent into madness on video. It follows his building and mailing of a bomb meant to kill singer Björk, and ultimately his bizarre suicide ritual.
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A few years ago I saw that Bud Dwyer clip and it seriously freaked me out. I couldn't get it out of my head for a long, long time. Maybe I'd be more de-sensitized now or maybe I'm just wimpy, but at the time I very much regretted watching it.
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Before he got big (well, in certain circles), Michelangelo Antonioni directed/produced a segment of the Italian film L'Amore in Citta called "Tentato Suicido" ("Suicide Attempt") in which he interviews six different women about their reported suicide attempts and has them re-enact them. It's pretty interesting to watch, and if you've never seen any of Antonioni's work, this is a good place to start. Though L'Avventura or Blow Up are even better places to start.
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Yes, Ricky Rodriguez, psychologically damaged childhood victim of the Children of God cult. His "suicide note" video is here.
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I learned about this from this recent MeFi thread, btw.

I learned about Budd Dwyer from a David Cross interview also linked from MeFi.
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