Standard Chart of Accounts for Machine Shops?
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Is there a “standardized” chart of accounts setup that is widely used among machine shops/small manufacturers (USA)? Working with other industries in the past (veterinary and restaurants), I have found that many choose to use a standard industry-specific chart of accounts – often established by a national industry association, etc. I have googled, etc. but have not found anything worthwhile for machine shops/small manufacturers... Any accountants or shop owners out there?
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I run my own machine shop and all I have is a simplified monthly bookkeeping book and a set of invoice and purchase order booklets that I got at an office supply store. It works good for me because I only have three customers. I realize this is probably not what you are looking for but it is all I use.
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I work at a small machine shop and the major accounts we use:

Misc Income

Cost of Goods Sold:
Direct Labor
Indirect Labor
General Fringe
Expendable Tooling


There are others but these are the main ones.
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