Where to sleep and eat in Gilroy?
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At nearly the last minute here, I'm planning an anniversary trip for this weekend in the Gilroy, CA area. We're going to hit a few of the wineries but haven't made any plans on where to stay or made reservations at any decent restaurants. Any suggestions for nice, romantic places to stay and/or eat?

Note: breakfast at the Black Bear Diner is already on the itinerary.
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Well, my wife and I were JUST in Gilroy last week (my sister lives close by). And we stayed right next to the Black Bear Diner at the Forest Park Inn. Not really romantic but clean, nice and cheap.

Funny you should mention the diner. We were sitting there last Monday morning eating breakfast and who should walk in but Jason Lee from "My Name is Earl" (with a small entourage).

You never know who's going to show up in Gilroy. ;-)

If you want a really nice place to stay for anniversary, try Carmel. We stayed at the Dolphin Inn a few years ago. They leave a picnic basket at your door each morning with a nice breakfast. And you're close to the Carmel Valley wineries.
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If you've got a hefty budget and you're the spa, golf & dine type, there's CordeValle.

It's near Gilroy, but basically in the middle of nowhere, as it's a super exclusive, isolated little place with amazing bunglow rooms (the bathroom is bigger than my dining room at home), the restaurant was really nice and they have a winery on site (but I haven't experienced the winery myself). You can only go if you stay in the rooms, or if you're a multimillionaire member.
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I was just in Gilroy 3 weeks ago. A friend who lives in Gilroy, and is a winery owner, always complains about the food in Gilroy. When I have visited we always drive to Silicon valley and eat yuppie chow. There are wineries all along Hecker pass road in Gilroy. This area is playfully referred to as "vinegar alley". Are you sure you want to go to there? If so, check out Bonfante Gardens (a horticulture/ family theme park?) . If you are not married to Gilroy, I would recommend Cambria for a weekend. You would be close to Hearst castle and Paso Robles. Cambria is quaint and Paso Robles has some nice eateries in the downton area, and both have great wineries. The Paso Robles Inn has hot mineral baths in some of the rooms, as well as a nice restaurant. Have a great weekend.
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Wow, Gilroy. I never would of thought of it as an anniversary trip destination. Why not drive one county west and hang out in the redwoods?
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Response by poster: "vinegar alley", eh? Heh-heh.

Seems that everyone's steering us away! Not married to so much as married in Gilroy. We thought a nice way to celebrate our first anniversary would be a night or two in the city we got married in. And my palate is still fairly undeveloped, so the wineries on Hecker Pass Road will probably suit me well enough for now.

CordeValle looks pretty nice but out of our price range. Carmel and Cambria are both great suggestions though and we'll definitely keep them in mind for future anniversaries or other weekend jaunts. My best friend got married in Cambria, actually, and it'd be fun to go back.

But it looks like we got the dinner thing covered. We'll be eating at The Melting Pot in San Jose, per the wife's request. She's been wanting to try it.
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would of = would have. oops. that's like one of those super-stereotypical grammar book mistakes.
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Be sure to go to Sarah's Vineyard. Great Pinot. There is a great view from the mount Madonna Inn restaurant. The food is underwhelming but it is at the top of Hecker Pass rd and has an excellent view of watsonville and the Santa Cruz coastline. Maybe a good sunset cocktail stop.
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