How do I reorder visio pages in a long document?
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How do I quickly reorder (multiple) pages in a very long visio document?

Visio seems to assume that I create pages only sequentially and never move them around much. Actually my document will reach almost 200 pages, and I keep having to move them around and renumber them, or create new pages. How can I do this easily in a doc of this size?

Bonus points for helping me create a page that doesn't default position itself at the end of the document (which may be more my problem)....
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This may already be something you know, but if you right click on a tab, you're offered the option of "Reorder Pages..." That brings up a window where you can select a page and do Up/Down to change the order. That can be easier than dragging and dropping tabs in the main window.

If you let Visio name your tabs generically and automatically when you create them (e.g. "Page-8"), you can take advantage of another function on this reordering window. It's a checkbox that says "update page names". So if you have page 1-10 in the automatically-assigned naming convention above, and you swap 7 with 8, the titles on the tabs will automatically renumber themselves, 8 becoming 7 and 7 becoming 8. If you've given a tab a custom name yourself, even a numbered one such as "7", it won't work.

Dunno how to get new pages to start life anywhere but the end of the line.

(FYI I'm using Visio Pro 2002)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the reply. The Reorder Pages window is good for smaller docs, but for big docs like this I end up clicking endlessly in an attempt to move my new page up the line to its proper order. Carpal Tunnel insanity.

A small improvement on drag-and-drop is to open the Drawing Explorer Window (View >> Document Explorer). At least I'm dragging over a larger view.

I still wish I could move groups of pages. Anyone??
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