What is said in a particular part of Lost in Translation?
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In Lost in Translation, when Bob Harris meets the woman in the hospital waiting room, what (in English) does she say to him, and what if anything does it sound to her like he's saying? I would also love to hear any other spot-translations from the movie if you happen to know them!
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As I recall (though it's been a few years since I saw this film), she just keeps asking "where are you from?" or "where did you come from?"...

(I remember this because I was asked the same question by a friend when we saw it).
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This thread provides a translation of what the photographing is saying.
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Well, crap. The link in the thread doesn't seem to work anymore. Sorry.
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Here is the NYTimes article.
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If I remember, the hospital guy asks him "How long have you been in Japan?", then goes through various motions to simulate a clock.
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Guy? I always thought that androgenous character was a woman. Anyway, I'm excited because we just got to donogurai in my class so I can verify that yes, he/she/it asks "How long have you been in Japan?"

And I loved the film reviewer who thought that perhaps, in "Spirited Away" fashion, this character had morphed into the stuffed animal Bob subsequently presented to Charlotte.
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Damn -- my memory fails me again!
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Best answer: "Nihon ni nanen iru no desuka?" - How many years have you been in Japan? Mutters to himself "Ore, eigo wakaranai kara na." - I don't know English. He makes an attempt at English with the words - "Nihon ni' - "Japan up", "nanen" (making a counting hand gesture) and "aaso" gestures drawing a circle and pointing in the center (illustrating "you are here") and then laughs and nods when Bob Harris faithfully mimics the gesture.

In the end credits the actor is listed as "Old Man" and his name is Akira Motomura.

That's pretty much what I can come up with watching the scene on DVD. As a miltary brat, I lived in Japan and Okinawa for twelve years.
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Response by poster: Thanks, plokent!! For people without access to the DVD (or the file), I think the reason people have diff. opinions on the gender is that the actor's voice may sound more female than male range, and he is old enough to inhabit that less-gendered space where we rely on cues like voice and dress more than obvious body shape.
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