Best box cutters ever?
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Box Cutters: I get lots of boxes, and I'd like a device that turns those boxes into small piles of cardboard that fit in my small trash can. What would you recommend?

(Bonus for devices that take a minimum of effort and have a low risk of cutting my hands with blades or edges of fast moving cardboard)
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(Rephrasing, 'Is there anything better than the plain old boxcutter razor?')
posted by sirion at 6:13 PM on October 30, 2006

How about a compactor?
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Cardboard shredders aren't cheap, and they are loud and run hot, and use a fair amount of electricity, but the waste products have some energy or recycling value, if you are in the right area to have it picked up. A lot of businesses have dedicated box compactors and banders, to facilitate cardboard recycling.
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Plain boxcutter razors have always done a very good, fast job for me. Is there some particular aspect about them that doesn't work for you? (eg, Maybe yours are not sharp, or the blade doesn't lock in place properly?)
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I used to open boxes with a letter opener like this one. Very low risk, still the same basic razor principal.
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Can't you just slit the tape, pull away the glue flap, fold the box flat, and bundle? Most balers and shredders are going to require dissamled cartons anyway.
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I won't get the bonus, but in my experience, the easiest way to make big pieces of cardboard into little ones is a bandsaw.
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Hire a bunch of neigborhood kids. Pay them in candy.
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Paging jdroth.
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