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What's the difference between 1) expensive contact lens lubricating solution, 2) cheaper non-contact lens eye drops, and 3) cheap-ass saline solution? If I pour saline solution into my eyes with lenses in, will they melt like Nazi eyes beholding the Ark of the Covenant?
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I've been using the saline solution as my wetting drops since I started wearing contacts back in the 80s. To date, no ill effects.

I do get a little expensive bottle of lubricating solution to carry in my bag for plane trips and what not. At one time I did notice the ingredients of the B&L 'comfort drops' and 'saline solution' was nearly identical.

I do know that you should not use those non-contact lens eye drops like visine in your eyes.
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I don't know the scientific answer to this question, but I will tell you what I do.
Every morning, when I first wake up, before I go in the shower, I put a couple drops of the saline solution (I use Opti-Free No rub solution). My eyes cannot stand putting the contacts in while they're "dry". When I get out of the shower, I put a drop or so into each contact before putting them on. It makes application so much easier!
My eyes are still spherical and not-melty, so I think I'm okay.
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I might be able to answer #1 and #3. Expensive stuff has disinfectant and de-protein elements that help contact lenses, especially long-term contacts, retain their original clarity and comfort for an extended period of time. Saline is simply a "water" for contact, that's great for storage and a quick rinse, but little else. If you use daily disposables, you don't need anything. If you use bi-weekly or any longer term lenses, I suggest expensive stuff, for the long-term health of your eyes and comfort.

I used to use Renu and Opti-Free, but my eyes are sensitive, and they caused a distinct stinging sensation after a couple of weeks of use. Complete, my current solution, is much smoother on the eyes and, as my optometrist said, almost puts a layer of wax on the lenses to prevent any painful experiences. Of course, if you use monthly replacements, semi-annual, or annual lenses, Opti-Free and Renu are the best, because their cleaning properties are the best on the market.

I stay away from eye-drops, even though I occasionally need them, because they're slightly addictive and cumbersome. I don't like having anything in my pockets.
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This isn't exactly an answer to your question, but since you've emphasized "cheap" I thought I'd share my wonderful money saving info. If you use/like/prefer Alcon's OptiFree solution (the green bottle), the same formulation is used in Target's generic label solution. The best part is, you can usually grab a two-pack of the generic for less than one bottle of OptiFree.
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Many of the non-contact lens drops have vasoconstrictors in them: substances that narrow blood vessels in order to "get the red out"(TM). Not cool for your contacts. Others have antihistamines, which presumably could be absorbed by your contacts.
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I use a traditional daily cleaner with my contacts, then put them in Opti-Free. (The Opti-Free can also be used for cleaning but it's pretty expensive to stream the solution over your lenses for several seconds each as directed.) In the morning I rinse them with "sensitive eyes" saline, again because it's much cheaper than the Opti-Free and also because the Opti-Free used to sting my eyes a little bit if I put the lenses directly in my eyes from the case. The new formulation of Opti-Free doesn't do that, but it's still cheaper.

Good to know that the Target solution is the same as Opti-Free. I'll buy that in the future. The daily cleaner and saline I use are also Target brands.
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