Item a day stores
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Single Item Online Stores. They are popping up everywhere, which ones do you like?

I'm talking about sites like Woot!, Steep and Cheap, and I just discovered One Gourmet Goodie. There must be others.
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Best answer: I spend entire paychecks at SAC - a Serfas Aria for $37.50?! There's also Shnoop.
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Best answer: A newer one is They also have a daily puzzle, which are too difficult for me to figure out before my attention span runs out.
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Best answer: Maczot! is for Mac software only.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips so far! I wonder how many of these sites can stay afloat.
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That's a screaming deal for that saddle, kcm.
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I think they tend to buy remainder lots on the cheap (i.e. liquidation). Much like some eBay stores.
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Best answer: woot also has wine.woot
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Woah... Tanga's FAQ has possibly the best non-answer I've ever seen on a commercial site:

Q: Why is your deal only available for 24 hours?
A: Because 24 hours is a full day.

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Well - just in case any of you are still following this there's: one item a day dot com.
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