Is there a good, distinctive, and affordable online lingerie store?
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WIth Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, I have a question to help spread the love: anyone have any recommendations for an online lingere store that's not as ubiquitous as Victoria's Secret and more distinctive than Frederick's of Hollywood? Kind of like this, but priced for mere humans.
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There might be something in this lingerie thread that you find helpful. Another thought is, where the seaming on the bras is done more carefully that at VS, making them much less likely to fall apart. Usually run about $30. The chemises and camis are cute, too.
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La Perla has a vast selection; various price levels and, importantly, is what many women buy for themselves.
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Check out Girlshop. Some stuff is slightly pricey, but it is very cool stuff... therefore perfect for gifts! Eberjey and Loungewear Betty are their two best brands, IMO. That site almost always have a 15% coupon code going on, too, so check or the like.
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La Perla's OK, a bit frou-frou. Lingerie is one of those areas where you DEFINITELY get what you pay for, not merely in cut, fabric, and detail, but in imagination of execution. (I'm not even necessarily talking about fetishwear, either, but about more or less vanilla stuff.)

Enelra on E 7th Street here in NYC has some great stuff, and I'm willing to bet if you called them and asked for some online shopping advice, they'd hook you up.
posted by adamgreenfield at 5:41 PM on January 27, 2004 Can't say much about their products, but their web site is nicer than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
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Bare Necessities -- I've only bought one item from the site, but it was nice.
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Lots of very cute theme lingerie ( All American · Bride · Bunny, Tiger & Cat · Butterflies, Bees & More · Cheerleaders · Christmas · Cops & Robbers · Country Girl · Cowgirls & Indians · Dresses · Executive Lady · Fairy Tales · Formal · French Maid · Genie · Halloween - etc. ) here at 3 Wishes Lingerie. I have never bought but like to window shop there.
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Response by poster: I and my girlfriend thank you.
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gottabefunky, after you make your decision and your purchase you might want to post some pics so we know what you decided...
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If you're in New York, the Agent Provocateur shop within Henri Bendel is having a 60% off sale on some goods. And Century 21 always has a good selection.

Also, I have these undies and they are supercute. And inexpensive!
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Response by poster: vito90: sure, I'll put up some pics of myself grinning and drooling...
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