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What should a 3 or 4 of college students do around 18th and 7th street in NYC before 9:50 PM, Friday?

So, a small group of us are going to see Nighmare Before Christmas (in 3D!) in NYC Friday, but we'd like to do something else before then. The theater (I'm told) is somewhere around 18th and 7th, but we can walk. The movie starts at 9:50, so we want something before that. So, what is there to do?

Oh, and cheaper is better.
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Undergraduates aren't of drinking age in NY state, Bookhouse. Presumably you're seeing the movie at Union Square, so if you're nerds you could shop at Forbidden Planet for a while.
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nicwolff, undergraduates of drinking age are by no means rare.

bkudria, check out The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.
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I'm assuming you're referring to the Union Square theater as well. If bibliophiles, check out The Strand bookstore. If you want to brave some truly frightening crowds and look for Halloween costumes, there's Halloween Adventure, or you could just go and people watch on St. Marks Place between 2nd and 3rd Aves.
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You are aware there is nowhere in Manhattan where 18th Street and 7th Street intersect right?

One of those needs to be an avenue - that would narrow down people's choices for you.
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Come on Julnyes, you know damn well there is no 18th Ave in Manhattan so it's safe to make the assumption it's 18th and 7th Ave.

That being said, there's not too much outside of either bars or going to Virgin Records in Union Square or shopping in that area.
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ah looking up the movie - Union Square it is ... That would be on Broadway between 14th and 13th Street

Spicynuts - I thought it might be the Chelsea Theatre which is on the west side - I needed to double check.

There is a ton to do around Union Square in so far as there is a ton to do anywhere in New York. What are you looking for? entertainment?, shopping? dinner? people watching? drinking?
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I second The Strand, Forbidden Planet and ABC (the last is also a fantastic place to grab some coffee). If all else fails, the Barnes & Noble Superstore (either on Union Sq. or on Sixth Ave.) is always good for browsing or possibly even a special event.

You are aware there is nowhere in Manhattan where 18th Street and 7th Street intersect right?

I'm sure the OP meant 18th St. & 7th Ave.

On preview: what spicynuts said
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A big chocolate cafe has just opened right across the street from the Regal.
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Big fan of Regional Thai Taste at 7th Ave and 22nd Street, if you're looking for dinner. For drinks, Bar Veloce on 7th between 20th and 21st is lovely (though, to be fair, not particularly cheap.)
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Uh, right. Ironically, I was so drunk when I posted that I forgot how old college seniors are.
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