Are there good vector graphic libraries for Macromedia Flash ?
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Where can I find a good vector graphic library for Flash ?

I'd like to buy a collection of vector graphics (people, machines, concepts, body parts, etc.) to use in macromedia flash projects.

Easy of use (browsing the collection and inserting it to flash) is mandatory.

Are there good resources that I can use for my e-learning projects. Any suggestion ?
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Browsing utilities are up to you, I'd recommend Bridge or something a long those lines. Most EPS catalogues come with PDF files containing thumbnails and corresponding folders containing numbered assets, so that point is really moot. Hmph.
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Best answer: Do a google search for "dingbat fonts." Dingbat fonts are fonts that display little images instead of type. There are thousands of them, and most are free. They are the best vector clip art in my opinion.

I have a word doc in which I typed every key on the keyboard (shifted and un-shifted). When I install a new dingbat font, I open this file, copy the text and paste a new copy. Then I select this copy and set it to the dingbat font. That way, I can see all the symbols in the font. When I'm looking for a vector image, I scroll through this word file, copy the image, and paste it into Flash. (In Flash, I'll have to choose the font, so I note what it is in word, before pasting.)

It will paste into Flash as a text character, but I can convert it into an editable vector by choosing Break Apart from the Modify menu.
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