Jagshemash! (In Kazakhstan, the male lip hair shows virility and ability for sex crime.)
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I need a good fake moustache.

I need to purchase a fake moustache, a good one, something like this. I need this for Friday, October 27. The more real the better, and definitely something that would need to stay on for six to eight hours, and preferrably something that I could reuse the following day.

I'm in the Baton Rouge area, so finding some place local would be excellent. But if I could be directed some website that could do next-day or two-day shipping (bonus points if I could use my Amazon Prime account), I would entertain that option as well. Help!
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Best answer: It's nearly Halloween. Any decent costume shop will have a variety of fake mustaches, plus the adhesive you need.

Based on my experience last Halloween, the fake moustache is not going to stay on for 6-8 hours without reapplying the glue several times.
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Go to a real costume shop (for theaters) and ask for spirit gum and fake moustaches. They're different from the ones used at cheapo holiday costume shops. What they are, essentially, is a strip of wig hair trimmed very short. Try not to pull the strips apart too much, as that tends toward a wispy moustache. If you're going this route, I suggest you shave beforehand.
I have a pal who runs an unofficial moustache hall of fame and helped him get his on. Use lots of layers and realize that it's still going to look horribly fake up close.
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Look for costume shops open year-round, as these are the places that tend to have a good selection of theater supplies. You should be able to find human hair moustaches - it doesn't get any more real than that. Get some spirit gum to apply it to your face, and (if you want) some styling wax to, um, style it.

Be careful taking it off - spirit gum sticks facial hair on like nothing else, and it'll be worse than tearing off a bandage.
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You want to shave before putting the spirit gum on, but probably not right before. Man, I hate that stuff. It stings, smells bad, itches and makes my eyes water. YMMV. Fortunately, I have a real moustache.
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I looked at all the costume shops and didn't like any of the fake mustaches. I had a novel idea and bought black fake fur from a fabric store. It's great because the hair/fur is about 2" long and I plan to cut out my desired shape and shorten the hairs to the way that I want. Then I'll probably use hair wax and hairspray to mould it in place . I'll probably attach some softer material to the back so it'll be easier to attach to the face with spirit gum.
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