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My wife uses Netscape 7.2 Mail for all her email needs on her Windows XP box. When she clicks on a URL from within an email message, it launches the Netscape 7.2 browser to view the URL. How can we configure it to launch Firefox or Internet Explorer instead?

I looked all over the Netscape 7.2 preferences and I couldn't find anything relevant. I've already set Internet Explorer to be the default browser on her system, yet clicking on a URL in an email inside Netscape 7.2 Mail still launches Netscape 7.2.

If it's not possible to open a different browser, what mail client would people recommend for someone switching from Netscape Mail?
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HI Jaimey,

I can't speak to your specific problem, but Thunderbird is the closest thing you'll find to what she already uses.

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This Netscape 7 Help tip describes fixes.
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