Wheels on 1963 Ranchero
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What was the original size wheels/tires that came on the 1963 Ford Ranchero? Thanks in advance!
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A Ford dealer probably has the specs and if not I would contact Ford customer service directly.
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I think the stock tire size was 6.5x13. Note the "I think." Not sure a Ford dealer is going to even know what a Ranchero is, but undoubtedly there are specialists out there. There seem to be a lot of Falcon enthusiast sites, I'm sure they'd have the answer.
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I have a book out in my garage that will have the answer and will post the answer tomorrow if no one else has posted the info for you. Though I doubt it matters on the Ranchero (unless the K series 289 and BW T-10 4 spd were available that early in the ranchero), engine size and transmission type may affect the answer, so what are you running in it? And is it a 4 bolt or 5 bolt lug pattern?
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It's a straight 6 170, with a 4 wheel bolt pattern
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Oh yeah, it's a 3 speed.
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I just received an email from "Lazy Eats Tapes" pointing me at http://www.tocmp.com/catalogs/MotorWheels1964/MotorWheelsCatalog19491964/index.html

That answers my question perfectly. Thank you very much sir.
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