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Optimal export settings for video files (QTs) going from FCP to Avid Adrenaline?

I'm supposed to edit something tomorrow on an Avid Adrenaline. The original files are currently living on FCP. My client exported a test run today and the file imported into the Avid with 2 channels of audio, but the video was just a solid white frame all the way through. Any tips on the proper and optimal export settings for FCP to bust out Quicktimes I can use?
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What was the codec used?

Feel free to contact me via IM if you like.
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It's critical to know what kind of footage and how it was captured.

Technically, DV files ought to fast import into the avid. Other types might not.

The "solid white frame" indicates that the Avid is missing a key codec, which makes me suspect that the capture wasn't done in DV.
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So, how did the edit go?
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