Anything Like Furl That I Can Run on My Own Server?
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Is there anything a lot like Furl that I can run on my own server?

Bookmark site that I've used in the past have tended to go away.
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If your server runs apache with php there are a few. I didn't really like any of them though but here's a list from freshmeat.
  2. Personal Bookmark Manager
  3. Bookmark4U
  4. Active PHP Bookmarks
  5. Active Bookmarks
Actually, with a fresh glance at things I see that Bookmark4U might be close to what I want.
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B. is an awesome app if you have your own server to run it on.
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B. looks pretty good.

IMO bookmark applications are still missing some elements, it is too specific to just index URLs and nothing else. Here is how I do it.. each of these files is a simple text file using any text editor.


Thus I might edit the file "house" and add an entry like this:

----- ~stb/info/house ------

British style cooking stoves, AGA
These are traditional and unusual stoves, etc..
More notes here.

Local AGA Dealer , AGA Inc.
John Doe (202) 555-1212


So I have lots of room for notes and adding things besides URLs. Like for example quotes from a useful USENET post. Or phone numbers to vendors. In this way on any given subject of interest it is all in a single file -- and of course easily searchable with grep or whatever.

Anyway, just wanted to suggest an alternative way that is pretty simple and safe (as safe as your backups).
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I know he won't self-post it, but was created by a Mefi member. The source is available, but it also lets one export ones links as XML. Might be worth a look.
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