Can you help me find a sound recordist in Cuba?
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Help required regarding trip to Havana, Cuba (more inside...)

I'm planning on going to Havana, Guanabacoa to be more specific, in the spring to film part of a documentary film. The trouble is I can't afford to fly a sound recordist out with me and I'm wondering if anyone has any contacts in Havana who might be able to put me in touch with someone who like to help out with the filming. I have no money so couldn't afford to pay anyone - enthusiasm might be more useful than experience and full training will be given on the job. Also, can anyone recommend a particularly good casa particular in Havana, or better still, Guanabacoa?
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You can try asking directly in the very excellent Cuban Film School (Escuela de Cine de Cuba)

/Oh, and just FYI, I do believe that the legal monthly salary in Cuba is around 10 USD (an apprentice stagehand, a director and anybody in between get paid the same). Thus, you might want to consider offering a paid job.
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Guanabacoa is far enough out that unless you're renting a car (and I'm guessing you're not), it would be a pain to stay outside of the neighborhood.

If you're interested and have a job description/timeline, I can ask some friends in the area and try to connect you with someone.

Magullo's right on the salary - it's 200 to 800 pesos a month, with 26 pesos to the USD. "Technically" something officially would probably have to happen, introducing lots of difficulties. It's not uncommon to pay cash or barter other goods/services.
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salary negotiable then, and I can definitely afford more than $10 a month. whatzit what's your email and I'll send you details? many thanks
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email sent to the address in your profile, gravelshoes.
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