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Where can I find intelligent, non-partisan (or, failing that, bi-partisan) explanation of the recent Military Commissions Act of 2006.

I've heard Olberman's rant, read the NYTimes article, and read the few right-wing blog posts that I could find that mentioned it, but there's been very little actual intellectual discussion of the bill (Left says: OMG!! Nobody has Habeas Corpus rights anymore, Right says: It's about time, anything to distract from Foley)

Where can I go to get good, non/bi-partisan intellectual views on current politics? (or really, any place that is safe from the mud-slinging that always abounds around politics)
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The Jurist has a lot of information.
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Findlaw has a number of articles and columns on the Military Commissions Act including a short primer about what it does and doesn't do.
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Annenberg's Fact Check usually does a pretty good job of explaining misinformation on both sides of political issues. They don't have anything up about the Military Commissions Act yet, but it's generally a good resource.
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a short primer about what it does and doesn't do.

That's really not very non-partisan: "With a bill as pernicious as this one, it is difficult to settle on a single worst provision."
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I liked the FindLaw article, though I'd also agree that it isn't very non-partisan.

I know there aren't many pro-sided arguements, but I'm honestly not looking for them (or for anti-sided either, but they are abundant)... I know that this law will have broad implications, and I think the Jurist has the most fact-based/least opinion-based information (even if they don't have an analysis of it yet).
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