Need an artsy yet simple web design firm in NYC
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I'm looking for a small, arts/music oriented web design firm to design a webpage for a retail shop with web sales (preference for firms located in NYC). Any recommendations? I don't need/want any crazy flash animations, just simple, classy, musical, yet somewhat hip, if that makes any sense. Just for reference, I very much enjoy the look and feel of the Enja Records website.
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do you want design only or design and production/development and the backend stuff?
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I think you'll like Gill Graphic Design. A couple of quick examples of their work:

Third Ward, a non-profit arts collective.

Posteritati, movie poster sales with a searchable database.

Disclaimer: The woman who owns the joint is a good friend -- but you can judge the work for yourself.
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Sorry for not being specific...I'm looking for the whole thang -- design/production/backend/ecommerce/etc...
thanks for the responses so far..
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Webdesigner. But not the rest.
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