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ZenCart Basics: The AskMe archives provide great information about e-commerce solutions. Based on previous suggestions, I've decided to go with ZenCart for my first project. But I need some help with the basics.

Before working out all of the design aspects, I want to get my client started populating the store. I know what categories I need to create and exactly what attributes need to be associated with each product. But getting this set up isn't entirely intuitive. There's lots of support out there for ZenCart - what's the best? Is there a ZenCart for Dummies resource that would make my life easier?
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I've been using ZenCart for about 6 months, and there's still plenty to learn. (I still have to figure out the 'overrides' system, for example.

They've started a documentation wiki, but that's pretty sparse. I've had decent luck with the support forums.

You could make a bazillion dollars if you wrote a great dummies guide for ZenCart.
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I use Zen for my site (link in profile if yer innerested...). My experience has been that the Zen Cart Forum is the most helpful resource out there.
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Been using ZenCart for a while. The folks on the forum answered my newbie questions pretty quickly whenever I got stuck, and forum searches usually answered my other questions.

The interface for entering attributes is not the most intuitive, and it simply takes a bit of practice setting up products and seeing what they look like.

There's a mod called EZ Populate that allows you to populate your catalog from a text file import. I have no experience with that, but it may fit your situation.
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I use EZ Populate. It took forever to figure it out the first time, but once I got the hang of it, it is a lifesaver.
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