Locate a geometric coloring book ?
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Looking for the name of a geometric-type coloring book from my childhood - every page was like graph paper but none of the shapes were square.

My 8-year-old niece is showing an interest in drawing geometric shapes - and I think she'd really enjoy this coloring book I had as a child (over 30 years ago). Of course I can't remember the name. The great thing about it was that you could choose to color some of the shapes to create different figures, or all of them to explore patterns. I've searched Amazon, etc. but without a look inside, I can't be sure I've found anything similar. Hive mind - I'm betting you can beat the the local bookstores in finding what I want. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Best answer: Altair Design? They're still in production, as Amazon has a couple.
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they were like this yeah? I had them too. They are tessalations but the name of the book series escapes me. Altair? Alstair? maybe? Google doesn't help, but i do remember that they came in different complexities depending on age and that I and my friends could spend hours with a set of felt tip pens making dinosaurs and stuff out of the shapes!

Gah! This is going to annoy me!
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Ahhhh these. Brain came back after a cup of tea!
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Response by poster: Right on the mark magicbus - I searched Amazon, but my search terms (coloring book geometric) weren't getting the right results. Its also cool to remember that these patterns are tesselations merocet, though that may be more than my niece needs to know !
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Thank you for asking this question AuntLisa! I fondly remember the same books from my childhood (around the same time), and I occasionally do a fruitless search for them too. A quick search with magicbus and merocet's answer reveals some other related books I remember, which can still be bought online these days, called Polysymetrics.
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Wow thanks for the question - I loved those too!
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They do look neat, but unfamiliar to me -- since the prices are in pounds, are they only a British thing?
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Altair designs were great! I still have my 2 books from childhood. I'm surprised that the patterns haven't been scanned and put online yet (they could be a fun flash artsy toy).
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