Installing Propane Gas Logs
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Anybody have any information on installing my own propane gas logs?

Went to Lowe's, bought some gas logs. Brought it home and I don't fully understand what exactly is going on with it.

I don't feel that I can't do it, but I don't feel as fully informed as I would like. Any links/thoughts/etc?

The gas logs are by "Comfort Glow," model "CLD3924PTA." They are vent-free, my house is pre-piped for propane, etc.

I gather I need to go back to Lowe's and get some hose and a limiter thingy. A propane regulator.
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I recently installed a propane stove, retro-fitted the chimney, and had a qualified HVAC/plumber do the gas piping and connection. Reason for the plumber, they can test for leaks, and do the job quicker than I could.

That being said, follow the instructions CAREFULLY for the logs, and it should go quite smoothly. It did for me.

But for the gas hook-up consult professionals because propane stinks, and there could be issues with codes and permits in your neck of the woods.

How's that?
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