Updated software for my Microsoft Office Keyboard?
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Updated software for my Microsoft Office Keyboard?

I have a Microsoft Office Keyboard (year: 2000, looks like this), and it's the best keyboard I can find for what I want it to do. However, Microsoft has discontinued the product and its software support -- the most recent version of Intellitype doesn't support the Office keyboard's unique set of custom hotkeys. The old version of the hardware drivers and hotkey support can be somewhat flaky, forcing reboots to reset buttons to working status.

Anyone have any advice, such as drivers more recent than IntelliType Pro 2.2?

Bonus points if you suggest a brand-new keyboard with the Office keyboard's nifty layout, which I've never seen repeated.
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2.2? I downloaded version 5.5 of the Intellitype software from the Microsoft site on the weekend. I'm at work now so I'm not 100% sure but I seem to recall it contained drivers for a very large variety of MS keyboards. If you can't find it, here's the link to the drivers.
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Until recently I used that keyboard and loved it. You really have no choice but to use an old version of the Intellitype software. I forget what the last version to support the Office Keyboard was, though.
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Do any of the keyboard remapping programs work with it?
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