Online Bakeries With Pretty Cakes
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What are your favorite bakeries with beautiful cakes that display samples online?

I'm taking a cake decorating class and am looking for inspiration. I've already checked out the previous AskMe cake threads, but I'm still looking for suggestions. For an example of what I'm talking about, check out Confetti Cakes.
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Charm City Cakes.
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Gateaux Bakery
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Citizen cake. (Annoying flash, beautiful cakes.)
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the girl with the most cake
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Polly's Cakes. Not so great to taste, really (she uses waaaaay too much fondant for her cakes to be considered tasty) but the Whimsy Cakes look really cool.
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Wow. Really beautiful cakes, but terrible websites, all of them. And Lord_Pall, if you live in Arizona, send me an email. I don't actually like to eat cake, so I'm giving them all away.
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Cake Girls (Chicago, IL).

Pretty cakes (the "purse" cakes are the girls' signature). Another lame-ish website, tho.
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I don't know if you're looking for wedding-type cakes, but Konditor Meister is the local (and famous) expert.
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photos won't be up for a few days, but when they are, check out Masse's Pastries in Berkeley. They did our great wedding cake, which was actually a giant mousse, not cake at all.
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Papa Haydn

Pix Patisserie
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Kate Sullivan cakes
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This is another Gateaux.

I'm not sure if it's online, but have you seen the Wilton yearbooks? They have a variety of cakes in terms of style, materials, skill level, etc., and include detailed directions that can be followed with or without their products.
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Mike's Amazing Cakes
The Sweet Life
Just Cake

If you have cable you should check out the schedule for Food Network. They sometimes have cake decorating contests on.
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Freeds bakery in Las Vegas did my wedding cake, and they have a huge array of samples online. (They don't just do wedding cakes)
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Extrordinary Desserts in San Diego. Click on Desserts, and then use the refresh button on your browser to load different pics.
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oops... got the link wrong - maybe I shouldn't be using Vista quite yet?? the link is:
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Magnolia Foods-- check the cake gallery.
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The Bonbonerie in Cincinnati. If you ever get to visit, try the Opera Cream Torte. Good Lord its good.
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I only remember this place because their name made me pee laughing.


But their cakes are beautiful. Look through the photos in the bespoke cakes section. You can also get chocolate flapper girls. I mean, if you want such a creature.
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If you're looking for inspiration you should check out Cake - have it and eat it, too! on flickr. Some people who contribute pictures are certainly professional bakers showing of their cakes. Some are photos from pastry competitions. Other's are poorly lit, half out of frame pictures from weddings and some are random pictures of pieces of cakes taken in restaurants. Knowing that I was going to recommend the photo pool in this AskMe I almost felt guilty adding my mediocre pictures but I'm not seriously affecting the ration. There's plenty of mediocre but there's certainly plenty of jaw-droppingly creative and well made cakes.
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I should add that flickr has several advantages. Many of flickr's contributors are also photography enthusiasts so the general quality of the pictures in this pool is very good. Some proportion are much worse but a high proportion are much better than the general quality of the pictures on these bakery websites. (I did check every one. For what it's worth I like Choccywoccydodahand Konditor Meister.) Also, the pictures are generally available at a large size whereas these bakeries mostly seem to be posting thumbnails. Finally, this flickr gallery has thousands of pictures. Even Konditor Meister, which seemed to have far more than any of the others didn't have a fraction of that.
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