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Dumb Windows XP question time. I burned some files to a CD-ROM using Nero. Then I burned some more files to the same CD-ROM, creating a multisession CD. Afterward, when I insert the CD into the drive, I see only the second batch of files on the disc. On the Mac I'd expect to see a separate volume icon for each session; how do I access the various sessions under Windows?
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Best answer: As I'm not an expert on the subject of CD-ROM filesystem structure, I can only speculate, but do you have to write the first session with the "multisession" flag in order for the disc to later function as a multisession disc?

Also, have you tried viewing the contents of the disc from within Nero again? In the one (and only one) occurrence of my burning a "coaster", I found that all of the data still appeared from within Nero despite being unreadable elsewhere.
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Best answer: Danelope is correct about burning the first session with the 'multisession' flag on. Otherwise you'll only see the second and successive burns. Under Windows, using Nero, the separate sessions will appear as a standard directory structure on the disc, as if you'd burned it all in one session.
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I had a similar problem with winME. Sometimes a certain disc would show all it's contents, sometimes only those from a later session.

The way I solved it was to use ISO Buster.
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Response by poster: Hm. I think I did check the Multisession flag because I assumed that it would close the disc if I didn't. I'll play around with it some more tonight.
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Is it possible for you to close the session and not the disk?
I seem to remember old versions of EZ CD Creator allowing this option. I think you used to be able to leave a session open and it would result in a similar situation where one or both of the sessions wouldn't be visible. I'm not 100% sure about this, but thought it was worth mentioning.
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