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Cost of living in Mumbai?

I've been offered to transfer to the New York (or was it LA?) of India. We're (wife and I) fairly excited about the opportunity and potential for adventure. But we are also seasoned round-the-world dwellers and would like to make sure we are looking at it in a realistic way. And of course I am painfully aware or the moral chasm implicit in the question. I still would appreciate if someone threw my way some specific estimates as to how much is it going to cost us to live there. We would like a nice apartment and enjoying a bit of social life and travel, but we're a lot less picky about the (constant) "niceness" of the last two. My office would be (relatively) close to the Gateway of India.

Also: my wife is from SE Asia, I am from SW Europe and we would like to have kids soon (likely during our stay in Mumbai).
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Response by poster: For instance, are these apartment rates anywhere near realistic?
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Oh, you lucky dog, you. Check out some great previous questions. Don't feel bad about the implicit morality of the question - save your guilt for later or you'll burn out!
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Read "Maximum Bombay" I so envy you.
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