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I need to find an online class that ends with Java or PHP certification and gives out a verifiable grade. Pass/fail would be acceptable, as long as it's formal.

My company offers tuition reimbursement, but they only pay if you are given some kind of grade. The certification itself is NOT enough for them to remit payment. They say that pass/fail is enough, but I have to have proof of the pass to give to them -- so if a course is gradeless or just ends with the certification test itself, they will not pay for it.

I've looked at the Sun online training courses here:

But I can't find any information on whether or not they give out a verifiable grade.

I've also looked at PHP certification classes here:

But I couldn't find out any grade information there, either.

I use a lot of both Java and PHP at work so I could really go with either certification right now. Also, the class would not have to be from Sun or Zend -- if there's a university that offers an online class that:
1. offers a grade
2. ends with the certification

That would be perfect, too.

Sorry for having to ask this anonymously, but my company has some pretty weird HR views and I don't know how exposing our tuition reimbursement guidelines online would be viewed.
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I used to teach Sun courses years ago. I asked the same question once when I took a course with the intention of going an teaching it myself (one of the very first Java courses).

The instructor gave me a funny look, crossed me, said something in Latin and pronounced that I had passed.

So your instructor will probably give you a non-official pass if asked. Most courses hand out certificates of completion - they could probably write something on that. The classes themselves aren't terribly formal. (AT least, not a few years back)
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Check course catalogs of your local colleges. Community/junior colleges, especially, since they're usually geared toward more vocational topics such as this and admissions is usually a quick simple formality.
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...or non-local colleges, for that matter.
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