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I've got 4 hours to waste in Glasgow tomorrow - what shall I do?

Given four hours in Scotland tomorrow, how would you spend the time? I'm getting in to Glasgow Central station at 1:30, and need to end up in Paisley at around 5pm. Any suggestions? Bear in mind the forecast for tomorrow doesn't look too shabby... (This has a couple of nice suggestions, but can anyone provide more?)
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That sort of time is great for going to Kelvingrove.
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Walk down to St Enochs underground station, get a return ticket and travel out to either Kelvinhall or Hillhead Underground Station.

From there you can drop by the recently reopened Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, the Transport Museum, walk up to Glasgow Uni and visit the Hunterian Gallery (the museum's closed), or the MacIntosh House, and visit University Cafe on Byres Road.

If you stay in the centre of town there's plenty of shopping, the Gallery of Modern Art and some stunning architecture if you look skywards.

Details on all the museums at Glasgow Museums.
Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
Hidden Glasgow website
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Yeah the Kelvingrove has just reopened and would be good.

Given that you will want to be getting the train from Central again to Paisley then the museum of Modern Art is probably the closest attraction to Central.

If the weather is good then you could always hop on one of the open top tourist buses that leaves from George Square- the timing would fit in for getting off and having a pint/coffee or a bite to eat in the West End, and hopping back on to arrive back in George Square with a couple of minute's stroll back to Central.

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Seriously recommend the Glasgow Necropolis, which, although a bit off the path, is an amazing sight.
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Head into the "merchant city" area for a bite to eat/drink at Cafe Gandolfi and then head to the Museum of Modern Art. You don't even need to go into the museum for a good can just stand outside and laugh at the Goths.
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Pick a pub, any pub. Go in, order a pint and chat to the regulars. They'll keep you entertained for hours!

Top tip: Open with a line about the Scotland vs France game from the weekend... (STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!).

Or yes, the MOMA is probably the best bet, I think you'd need more time to fully appreciate Kelvingrove?

You could find your way to Mitchell Lane and head into the Lighthouse centre for a rooftop view of Glasgow, and if you go to the Merchant City, head up the back right and find Babbity Bowsters - great plate of mince n tatties.

From there you can head up the hill towards the Necropolis, or back into town.

Glasgow is a fairly compact city, so if you just walk around you'll find plenty to do for the time.

Ohh and I think the newsagents in the station sell excellent wee fold out maps (if not, ask someone where FOPP is as I spotted them on the counter there yesterday).

If I was working in the office tomorrow I'd have offered to give you a guided tour!
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don't forget to have a fried mars bar
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