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Hollywood, FL Car Repair Filter: help us maintain our 2000 Isuzu Rodeo and our 2001 Honda Accord. It's time for a tune-up.

We took our cars to the big name place right around the corner from us for oil changes back in June. I didn't care for the customer service there (they pretended to have looked at something, suggested I check the oil every week to make sure it wasn't burning or leaking oil, and then report back to them "in a while." Instead I found that the muffler pipe was broken and that's what was making that terrible racket!)

So we think we need a smaller shop, but neither of us happens to be particularly savvy when figuring out if we're being snowed by the mechanic. Who should we see in the Young Circle neighborhood or surrounding area?

We're not set up to be dropping dealership cash on oil changes and minor repairs. Nick would probably prefer to take his Accord to the dealer for major stuff, I'd rather avoid an Isuzu dealer forever.

Bonus points, where in Hollywood can I get a spare made for the Rodeo that's not a dealer? (I didn't know it was a funny key, but the places I've checked haven't had a blank.)
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Best answer: Jap Tech looks like a possibility, based on the Car Talk Mechanics Files, for zip code 33027.
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Here's a fun exercise: Compare pictures of the 2000 Isuzu Rodeo to the 2000 Honda Passport. You *should* be able to take your Rodeo to a Honda dealership for major repairs, as the parts should all be the same, but I'd call first.
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(Oh, but I'm not sure about the key.)
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm aware that the Rodeo is just a Passport with a different name on the back, so I'd also rather not go to a Honda dealer either. (I joke that I want a bumber sticker that says "I love my Honda")

We'll give Jap Tech a call this week, hopefully they'll take both our cars and be very kind.
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Response by poster: Jap Tech has been very nice to Nick's car, but they will not take the Rodeo in. They mentioned that they don't particularly care for working on the Passport either. Harumph.
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