Honeymoon in paris?
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can you recommend a honeymoon for us.

For 5 grand, where should we go for our honeymoon at the end of may 2007? Only one caveat, the destination must be warm.

also, we are 28 years old so if someone suggests a carnival cruise i will lose faith in mankand.
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I don't know where you are, but I've had this place bookmarked for some lucky day. I've never been but those bungalows are so....

The South of Portugal is pretty lovely. Dramatic cliffs and caves and whatnot.

And congratulations!
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Request for clarification. Are you presently in the US, UK, Bangledesh? That makes a big difference as to where $5K will take you. Also, what kinds of things are you interested in? For USians, Hawaii is the traditional warm honeymoon spot but that may not be you cup of tea.
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Thailand! The most common 'favourite place in the world' among young travellers I talked to while travelling in Europe. Expensive package resorts are unnecessary; I've heard you can eat and sleep like royalty for $5 US a night.

Though I have no idea how warm it will be. But maybe look into it.
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My good friends went to Bali and had sort of a spa getaway. I remember them saying that it was very economical - the most expensive part was the airfare. They did get married in October, so YMMV.
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Oh, I didn't notice Paris in your title. Yes, Paris would be lovely and magical. However - it is an expensive city and you are travelling in the high season, so expect big crowds of tourists.

You can do a 'city' vacation or a 'beach' vacation, and you can have amazing but vastly different experiences in each. It depends on what you're looking for. For a honeymoon I would expect you'll want to spend a lot of time just hanging around together; to get the most of a city like Paris you have to get out and ride the metro and wait in line at landmarks and such. I don't think it's what I would choose; at least not exclusively. If you want to go to France, make it a 2-week trip and spend most of it in bed and breakfast's in small towns; that's where the romance is!
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+1 PercussivePaul. A little car + D-roads + B&Bs (in France they are called gîtes) > Paris for two weeks. One very romantic vacation I took was a week on a rented barge on the Canal du Midi.
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La Casa Que Canta or Villa Del Sol. Wherever you go, read about it on TripAdvisor before you make any reservations. Enjoy!
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I'd recommend going here (on Virgin Gorda in the BVI). Pay the extra for an Ocean Suite.
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my wife and i went here just this past summer for our honeymoon and it was great. John, the guy who runs the cottages is a super nice dude and the whole island is just full of great happy people. Depends on what you're looking for in a honeymoon though, this place is more of a hang out and relax, or rent a boat and go exploring kind of place, not a super spa luxury villa. but if its the kind of thing you are looking for its wonderful and the price is hard to beat.
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Puerto Rico, especially the offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra.

This is where we stayed on Culebra. The food there is to die for, and the cabins are beautiful. Vieques is not far (by ferry or air), and they have the vaunted bioluminescent bays.
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My dream honeymoon would be anywhere in Italy, especially Venice.
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Argentina or Brazil.
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Dalmatian Coast, Croatia . Seriously, look it up.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the comments!
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