Where can I find a quality, warm, zippered hoodie?
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Where can I find a quality, warm, zippered hoodie?

The jacket that I've been wearing for a few years bit the dust the other day. Its getting cold in NYC and I'm beginning to thing that I should replace it. I tend to fail at shopping and I want this jacket to be the best it can be. I'm looking for a hoodie that has a full zipper and a hood(duh I guess). It also should be rather warm(but not fleece on the outside) and if possible come in colors other then dark blue as I've noticed that the vast majority of my clothing is that color. It would help if the store had a branch in NYC. For price I'm thinking anything around $50 or under. Thanks for your help.
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In general, I always got the best cheap/warm hoodies from places that sell to workers, rather than fashionable places. Brands like Carhartt and Dickie's make excellent, warm hooded sweatshirts that you can get for pretty damn cheap.

If you don't want fleece but you want warm, you could check out something like this or these.
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I was coming here to say exactly what atomly said. Carhartt zip hoodies are excellent.
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I've had my Carhartt zip hoodie for 7 years and while it looks about 7 years old, it's still warm and comfortable. Quality stuff, make sure and get the "motel blanket" lined one. Best deals will be at army/navy stores in the boroughs.
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H&M actually had some nice sturdy ones for about $30 when I went. Make sure you find the decent ones though, they had two kinds and one was supercrappy. A nice mix of colors, I got mine in turquoise. Usually I would say Academy, but they don't have them here.
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Not to toe the hipster party line, but the American Apparel London Hoodie is great. I love mine. It's not fleece, despite the name, rather it's standard sweatshirt material with a thermal lining (think long underwear). It fits a lot better and is a lot more comfortable than the Carhartt stuff I tried on, and comes in a bunch of colors. AA locations throughout the city.
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Oh, and it's surprisingly superwarm.
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I'm seconding the AA London hoodie. I bought a second one the day after I left my first on the El a year ago.
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Cabela's carrys a lot of Carhartt and their store brands are pretty good, too.
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Following what atomly said, in my neck of the woods you can get some really thick warm clothes at places like farm supply stores. (Probably not too many of those in NYC though).

I've gotten double thickness zippered hoodies for about $17, co-workers have shown up in 'fashionable' ones of the same quality that they paid $80 for. Get the worker wear type stuff. You'll save a ton of money and probably get something that will last longer.
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Not to toe the hipster party line, but the American Apparel London Hoodie is great.

Me too! Plus it comes in pink and brown.
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Mountain Equipment Co-op: mec.ca.
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If you're in Canada, Lululemon sells expensive but extremely comfortable and warm zip hoodies...
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Target has some nice Champion-branded hoodies- I picked up a couple last week for $20 each, and they come in more colors than navy and gym-short-gray. They're more "fall" than "winter", at least in the northeast, but I usually wear them under a jacket anyway.
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I really like my London hoodie from American Apparel. It's very warm and soft, plus it doesn't pill.
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