Help me find the Japanese tie store in New York
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Help me find a store in Carnegie Hill New York that sells cool ties imported from Japan. I read a review in a hotel magazine *Gotham?) and they looked perfect for a gift I need to buy, but I lost the magazine! The store may have been called "Seige" or something similar. Google can't seem to help me! Please help, I'm only in town for today (Saturday!). Thanks!
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I can't find anything online, but I'd suggest checking a magazine shop. Surely any major bookstore would have a "local" section and surely a magazine section at a major NY bookstore would have Gotham in stock ;-D
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Oh! Check out Gotham Magazine's distribution page for ideas on where to look =)))
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Response by poster: Thanks guys - I found it, Seigo on Madison between 89th and 90th.
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