Baby sometimes booze just ain't enough
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I'm turning 21 soon and would like to have some kind of event that people will enjoy. Thing is, I don't really have many friends, and wouldn't want a big lonely party where I don't know 90% of the guests. Help me prevent a boring disaster of a shindig.

I'm kind of in a shitty spot socially right now, and I'd like to just have a good time with the few people I know. I'm the first to be 21, so bars\clubs are out. My friends are a good little laidback group (think like 4) of guys that have a good, laidback time together.

I realize that without knowing us, you aren't going to come up with the perfect party, but I'd like to hear what suggestion the mighty hive-mind has. Be advised that we're all quite busy with challenging school schedules now, so we're probably thinking a weekend thing.

Things we might be interested in:
* Outdoorsy type stuff
* General partying
* Strange\whimsical adventures
* Discharging firearms (clearly this would need to be before any booze happens)
* Firey explosions
* Your suggestions here

Thank you kindly, askme.
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bowling is totallly dorky but can be a blast if everyones game.
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While you're (probably) not getting married on your birthday, there are several excellent "bachelor party minus the strippers" threads around here that would probably offer good advice. I would do some searching along those lines; there seems to be lots of location specific stuff, too (for better or worse, I guess).
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My 21st birthday consisted of going to a local restaurant/bar establishment, having a legal pint of Guinness that I wasn't even carded for anyways, with two of my friends. Don't be afraid to make it a lowkey event.

That said, I was required to make up for the 21st on my 22nd. Watch out next year, you may have friends like this. So when they turn 21 and you decide that they must do a stupid shot of whatever booze, just remember, you're probably not exempt just cause it was already your 21st.
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another vote for bowling. i hate it, but it's always funny in a group of friends.
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One day, for no reason at all except that we could, a bunch of us hired a generator and took it to the carpark at the summit of Mount Donna Buang along with a big TV, a VHS player, a trailer load of firewood, a bunch of tarps, copious food and drink, a big bag of green vegetable matter, two mattresses and a complete set of Twin Peaks videos. We converted the picnic shelter into a cosy viewing room complete with a roaring fire in the fireplace, and settled in for a long night's Twin Peaks marathon as the snow fell gently outside.

We were still there and still awake when some bloke turned up the next morning to make damper for a busload of Japanese tourists... I think they were impressed with the modern facilities available in Australian national parks :-)

It wasn't my 21st, but it had the kind of ambience you might be looking for.
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Paintball? It's more fun if you invite people you don't like.
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Seconding paintball =]
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Monster truck rally?
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Camping out in the wilderness somewhere. Bring stuff to grill or shoot your own. Perhaps fishing would be better if you're not all up-to-date on your hunting education.
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We did paintball for my batchelor party. It was great fun to shoot the hell out of my annoying brother-in-law. Everyone had a great time, but we were amazed at how intense it was, though, so if you are looking for laidback stuff to do with your laidback buddies, it might not be right. If you are looking to mix things up and get a little aggro, then it's a great idea.
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Good laidback time for 4 - 5 laidback guys? Go eat some good food and then use your newfound 21-ness to buy some liquor. Once you've accomplished that, get drunk and play Risk. Add rules to the game as you see fit.
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I guess deep sea fishing is out since you live in Arizona.

Rent a boat, or rent jet-ski's. Go fishing.

Hike/explore in some sort of canyon or wilderness, dine and party in the evening.

Are all friends 21? If so, how about gambling?
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Whitewater rafting? This is in Arizona.

or just take a long weekend camping with your friends. If you don't have camping supplies, rent a small cabin.

I'm glad you're not going to some stupid bar for your 21st birthday. Do something diferent and creative and you'll remember it forever.
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