Suggestions for photofinishing in Vancouver?
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Best place to get prints made from digital sources in Vancouver?

I have some prints to make from me and the missus' trip across l'amerique du nord this summer taken with our dSLR. I was hoping to find a place like Pikto in Toronto -- where quality is preeminent but price isn't ludicrous (or geared towards pros.) Any suggestions? Thanks!
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I've had surprisingly good luck with Costco. (Not specifically the Vancouver store.) I have a 19x12 enlarged print of a photo my brother took with his dSLR that I consider gallery worthy.
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ABC Photo has been around for ages, and does excellent, professional quality work.
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ABC and The Lab are expensive...

why not go to Shoppers Drug Mart or to Future Shop or London Drugs and use their photo kiosks to work on, and print, your photos?
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I use gamma pro, friendly folks and if you're in a rush - they can help you out there too (they saved my butt in september when an another printer failed me... grr)

check 'em out!
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