Ethereal female vocalist from the mid-1980's.
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Can't remember the name of a female vocalist, mid-1980's, ethereal quality to her voice, jazz - torch song kinda style. I think she had a one-word name and sharp, almost Egyptian features, light chocolate skin. Beautiful intonation but I can remember no words.
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Best answer: Sade?
posted by jjg at 12:44 PM on October 2, 2006

Best answer: That's who I thought of. Her name is pronounced "Sharday," if that helps.
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Response by poster: Perfect - Thanks
posted by dragonsi55 at 12:56 PM on October 2, 2006

Response by poster: Posted 'Perfect' before I caught the 'Sharday', which answered my only doubt. Thank you both.
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(hint- you might want to give jjg the "best answer" pat on the back)
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I can remember no words
"smooth operator...smooooooooth operataaahhhhhhhhhhh"

Sade returned to put out an excellent album in 2000. I can recommend it highly.
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My oh my, be still my beating heart. Sade is the best, get "Stronger than Pride", really a wonderful cd.
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