Help me find fun games for kids with disabilities
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Does anyone know of any flash games online that are very simple to control(one button style) that would be good for middleschool children with motor control disabilities?

I work with a special needs classroom in a middleschool and when the kids get free time, they instantly go to the computers and surf to their favorite gamesites. The children with motor disabilities usually can't enjoy the games with several key controls or mouse controls, and I am always looking to find games that can be played with the push of just one button that are still fun, to offer these students. like this game - monkey kick off
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Jay is Games lists a fair number, although most of them are pretty standard jumping ones.
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Lots of the Orsinal games are simple and mouse-only.
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Inclusive Technologies bring the awesome - they have hardware to make it easier for the folks with motor control problems, too. They are extremely informed and helpful over email and phone and also have game building packages you can use to make your own educational games.
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Forgot to add - here's the online games that they've helped to develop.
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I like picture puzzles.
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Not a game, but this site lets you use the mouse to paint your screen like a jackson pollock painting. I've been showing my 1 year old how to do it. You just move the mouse to "paint" and click the mouse to change colors.
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Pingu's fun, and ultra-simple.
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i also second iconomy's suggestion: Orisinal has some of the most beautiful and simple flash games i've ever seen.
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I suppose this probably isn't -really- the right time to suggest Don't Shoot The Puppy...
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