Where is the Ben Hammersley Reboot8 podcast?
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Why is it so hard to find a podcast or MP3 of Ben Hammersley’s presentation “How to Be a Renaissance Person” at Reboot8 (2006)?

I have checked all likely and many unlikely sources, and have asked Reboot and Hammersley directly. (Coverage.)
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This is the closest I could find:
videos from reboot 8 and it doesn't look like Ben's is one of them listed. So I'm guessing it wasn't recorded or taped, or at least hasn't been processed and uploaded yet?
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To answer your question literally, it's probably hard because it was (apparently) very good. Lots of times, during the good presentations, people stop messing around with the small recording device in their lap and actually pay attention, which reduces the number of podcasts available.

If I find it, though, I'll update.
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As someone who was there, I'll say that it likely wasn't recorded because it was very late -- it happened after a dinner that started late and ended late, and everyone was seated for dinner, rather than hunched over laptops as they had been the rest of that very long day. That said, if the other recordings out there came off the sound board, this recording ought to exist somewhere as well, since all the same A/V equipment was used.
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