DIY cheap soundproofing
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Any easy and cheap methods to soundproof a basement room for guitar playing? Something about egg cartons?
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Egg-carton like insulation definitely works, and I can't think for the life of me what it's actually called, so hopefully, someone will step in with that specific. Mattresses are also a great sound absorber; you'll find a million people in craigslist or other such ads trying to give away old mattresses. Goodwill and other thrift-type shops also carry those. Old carpeting tacked to the wall can work, but not as well as other options. If you have windows in the basement, pillows do a world of good (you did say cheap...)

Down the line, you might want to invest in a headphone amp (a device, in case you don't know, in which the guitar amp is run through, therefore the guitar sound is heard loud and clear through the headphones, while remaining quiet outside).
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Here's a link to the insulation (studio foam) you mentioned. I didn't look very far, but every place online seems to sell the egg cartons in bulk. I used to live with someone who ran a project recording studio out of our house, and he got small squares of foam for free from just asking local music clubs and studios for their leftovers, so that might be an option for you, as well.
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in addition to soundproofing, you be interested in improving the accoustics of your room.
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you might be, that is.
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Where I live, there are many shows held in basements (in fact-my very loud band practices in a basement). The tricks used by people in this situation are... First cover all your windows. Most sounds are escaping through there. The best cheap material to use is something spongy. THink blankets, pillows, or rugs. Insulate the room, this will absorb some sound, cover all the walls with insulation, rugs, or blankets.
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