The drafting chair of tomorrow, today!
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Drafting/Art Director's chair recommendations?

I've got a rather tall desk (it's actually part of a bar which was never fully realized) that I'm going to be using as a computer/drawing area. I need a *tall* chair to go with it, as a chair of normal hight will not do.

Does anyone out there have/know-of a comfortable make/model of drafting chair that they would recommend? Thanks in advance!!!
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the fully adjustable aeron chair by herman miller.

make sure to customize it. there are three different versions, A, B and C references the sizes and then there are the fully adjustable ones with lumbar support, which is what you want. this chair should run you close to 1k at room and board, if it's much cheaper, you have a more basic version.

I wouldn't make any compromise.
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If you're really predominently hand drafting, with a parallel rule and all, I think a stool with a back is best. (And more power to ya for keeping the craft alive!) If you're using a computer to draft, follow your regular ergonemetric chair rules, but make sure you have a surface to mimic a floor.
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Herman Miller's are not the only good chairs in the world and you can find very nice chairs for way less than a thousand dollars. Also, they won't adjust for the height.
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Aerons are great. They will not, however, go very high. Not a good option.
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