I need an exterior lock set for a very thick door.
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I have searched online, and been to 2 different hardware stores, including one with an extensive lock collection, and no one seems to have anything available. The door is 2 1/4" thick, and most lock hardware is for doors 1 1/2-1 3/4" thick. Any suggestions?
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Try a locksmith. They will have extensions/ kits for thicker doors.
posted by lee at 9:47 AM on September 26, 2006

Here is one that comes up to 2 1/2".
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Are you looking for justthe deadbolt or a whole knob and lock combo? A quick search at Lowes.com turns up these uber expensive (but nice) handlesets that specifically say they work for 2 1/4" thick doors. I'm sure if you do more extensive searching on that site you can turn up cheaper options too.
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Thanks for the link Sulaine. However, I need a lockset for an exterior entryway door, so just a basic dead would look rather odd as this is for a main entrance.
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By the way, from their main page, I went to the "outdoors" tab and clicked on doors, locks and handlesets. There were 444 options after this one!
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Try calling your local architectural supply company as that is where most general contractors get their supplies.
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