Baboon ripping Ren's face off?
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I'm trying to find a specific Ren & Stimpy episode - the one in which a baboon tears Ren's face off and hangs it on a tree.

I feel like I remember seeing this before, but the only baboon I know of in R&S is in "A Yard Too Far" where it's guarding a guy's back yard. I thought this baboon sequence (the face tearing) was the end of one of the nature shows/Ask Dr. Stupid episodes. Can anyone help me out, or am I perhaps thinking of Eek the Cat or like Rocko's Modern Life or something?
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Nope, I remember that one well. It's the one in which there is a fresh pie sitting on a windowsill (I believe) and Ren & Stimpy are trying to bypass the "dog" (the baboon) in order to get to it.
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Response by poster: But he doesn't get his face ripped off in that one! I think there's another baboon one! I remember the baboon has a tree with lots of faces hanging from it, and he adds Ren's to the collection, and Stimpy says something about respecting nature's harshness. Am I tripping?
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Probably "Monkey See.. Monkey Don't" from the 1st season where they dress up like monkeys to get the easy life of living in the zoo.
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Sorry, looks like its from the 2nd season, I was just looking off the DVD, which has both seasons.
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The term "hog jowls" seems to ring a bell for me in association with your reference, BLF.
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