Where can I get glitter in rainbow colors?
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Where can I get glitter in rainbow colors? Everywhere I look, I can find red, blue, green, purple... but I can not find yellow or orange. Online or retail store would work too.
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A bit more specific google search (since you'll get a thousand companies selling glitter paint, glitter crayons, etc.) led me to the ART INSTITUTE supplies on this page which look to have the colors in question.
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It's on the third shelf down, left-hand side of the store. Hold off a week, though; the latest flyer shows it coming on sale at 2-for-1 prices.
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Glitter fest!

Come on now, I bet you could have come up with that on your own. I just googled "yellow craft glitter" and voila! It was the first result. Enjoy!
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Another link to the Art Institute glitter. Every color you could possibly want, really. Their glitter is very nice, too; quite fine.
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Depending on your project, I highly recommend the glitter "pens" that release glue and glitter simultaneously. I volunteer for a queer youth group, so as you might expect, we just a LOT of rainbow glitter. Last night we also learned that you can imbed glitter in shrinky dinks to glorious effect.
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And I thought it was the shrinky dinks that got embedded in the ... er ... nemmind.
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If you need it for cosmetic purposes, you should never use the big craft glitter on your body, especially if you're putting glitter near your eyes. It's too big, and the edges can be relatively sharp.

Yofi Cosmetics does wholesale cosmetic glitter, which is far far far too tempting for my own good.
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