Finding part of the DC Municipal Regs?
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Does anyone happen to know how to find an electronic version of Title 18 Chapter 3 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations? Damn that DC, only certain titles of the DCMR have been made available online (apparently for the simple reason that DC can't muster the staff to put them all online, bleah). I'm hunting for the actual law that establishes DC's driving infraction point system, something that's apparently codified in said Title 18 Chapter 3, and would love to get a version of the law that I can keep archived on my computer! (Apparently, the entirety of the DCMR is available on Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw, but non-law peons like myself don't get the benefit of this. Double bleah.)
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Of course, I'm an idiot; within a few minutes, a kind reader-but-not-member emailed me a link to the PDF of the chapter, culled from the DC DMV page listing the whole Title 18 text. Why that's not listed by the main DCMR page as available, I don't know...
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All I find on LN is "District of Columbia Code, Court Rules, and Advance Legislative Service." (This is under "Legal research / State codes / District of Columbia") In this, Title 18 has to do with wills, not traffic (which is distributed around several titles and chapters.) Nothing came up for points. It seems to be something separate from the Municipal Regulations. I could be looking in the wrong place, though.
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You should buy kind reader a MeFi membership.
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In the future, you can go to the public library and ask the reference librarian for help.

Law students get free Lexis/Nexis access. Ask a law student friend to get the material for you. Law school alumni who are members of the alumni association also have access. Or ask your reference librarian to call a friend who's a law school librarian.
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