Sports Nutrition: New protein and meal-replacement powders?
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SportsNutritionFilter: Help me find a good protein and a good meal-replacement powder.

I am in need of a new protein powder and a meal-replacement powder. I'm currently in a bulking phase and am adding another meal to the day, hopefully consisting of a high protein meal-replacement shake. However, I don't know what brand to choose. I'm not too worried about carb intake, just that it is more or less nutritionally complete, loaded with protein, and smooth mixing.

Right now, I am looking at Met-RX's powder as well as At Large Nutritions powder for meal replacement, and Biotest, Met-RX, and At Large for a plain, low carb, protein powder. Where else should I be looking? Please, no GNC or Store Brand recommendations, as I have used both of these in the past and was not happy with them.
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I've always had good luck with EAS Myoplex shakes. Lots of interesting flavors. They have the standard Choc/Van/Straw mix, but also for just a little bit more $$, they have a Chocolate Lovers pack with a variety of different chocolate flavors (Mocha, Mint, Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter) and also a Tropical Pack (Pina Colada, Peach, Orange, Banana). Actually being able to stomach drinking these shakes is sometimes half the battle, so having a little variety of flavor is great in sticking with the program.
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i like nature's plus spirutein, particularly cookies and cream, thrown in a blender with a shot of espresso, 8 ice cubes, and almond milk. sometimes a banana or other fruit too. the blender (hand blenders are best) and ice is essential. none of them are "smooth mixing" without a blender -- more like pellets of concrete mix suspended in liquid
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All the Whey is great (tasting and protein-wise) EXCEPT it can give you gas. That might be true of all whey protein though.
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I've tried plenty of protein powders and I think Metabolic Drive is far superior in taste to the others IMHO. I use the Low Carb Orange in water and it's pretty good (for a powdered drink). I'm not 100% sure what the deal is with the new Premium Grow! from Biotest.

Also, I recommend to anyone reading this that they pick up a shaker with a removable strainer like the ones at They instantly dissolve the powder unlike a typical shaker. Just make sure you put the water\milk in first or some powder will stick in the bottom.
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I second Metabolic Drive.
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