Help me find out the title of this book
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When I was a kid, I read a science fiction book. I'd like now to find out what its name was, but, since I didn't read it in English, and it was about 20 years ago, I would have not a clue where to look.

From what I remember of the book, it describes a futuristic dictatorship, where all the people are relegated into casts that are named after the english alphabet, and the 3 top casts (a,b, and c) are the ones who rule the world. It's a kind of a dystopia.
Any clues? I think the author was American, but I could well be wrong.
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The would be Brave New World.
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Most likely Brave New World.
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the answer has been nailed
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It was Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, no question.
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Response by poster: that's funny. i never read it in english, although i always hear the name said around. and yet, it was one of my favorite books when i was 8. i read it right next to 1984 (a forbidden book back there and then) and was very excited.
Thanks all!
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Since the question has been answered: did you also read Zamyatin's We, often considered the source of the idea for the later two books?
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Apparently Huxley had not read We (which is a stunningly brilliant novel, for its words as much as for its ideas), despite the obvious similarities of both books. But there is a short story/essay by Jerome K. Jerome which is thought to have been an inpiration for both We and Brave New World.
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