How can I keep my new coat looking new?
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How do I properly care for my new suede jacket?

I've searched on Google and read about waterproofing, brushes, suede cleaners, etc. I want to know of any particular methods or products that you guys would recommend, and what I should and shouldn't do while wearing the jacket (and also while not wearing it) to keep it in good shape.
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Find a reputable suede cleaner in your area, before your jacket gets dirty, and have them take a look at it, to be sure they can handle it. Some suede is more stable, by far, than others. Pigskin suede can be split to finer thickness, and will stretch more than calfskin or cowhide suede, but its nap will crush more easily, and it can be more absorbent. Have the coat cleaned immediately if you do anything in it which results in serious soiling or discoloration, or if you spill any food oils or protein on it. Waiting to have suede cleaned is the #1 reason for stains setting irrevocably. The better suede cleaning processes include a conditioner which adds back silicon finish, improving the leather's resistance to soiling and water absorption.

Art gum and talcum powder are good for spot treating small stains, or areas around cuffs and collars which pickup body oils. Coarse sandpaper, appropriate to the nap of the finish can help to keep the nap from matting at wear points.
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